How it works

Autotradex; the UK’s first multi-franchise stock compound


Stock procurement with Autotradex has never been easier thanks to our "live Feed" and advanced search features. Use Live Feed to stock your forecourt and Advanced Search when looking for a specific vehicle.

Live Feed

Set broad or detailed parameters and Live Feed will offer you vehicles in real time that are specific to your stock portfolio.

Filters can be set by make and model, relation to book, condition and even price bracket. Three separate filters can be applied with as many parameters as you need, all working independently. You'll only see vehicles that are relevant, with sold vehicles being removed from your feed. Rest assured - if it's on the site, it's physically available to buy instantly.

Advanced Search

Searches can be made simply by key words or a more detailed search can be achieved to include colour, specifications, budget etc. There's the handy "hide price" feature which removes details of the seller and the deal offered. Now you can show your customer the vehicle including any images, take a deposit, click the button and the deal is done – the vehicle is yours.


Advertising vehicles on Autotradex has never been simpler. Photograph the vehicle, type in the reg number and set the price. As we’re mobile friendly, images can be taken on your phone and uploaded straight from your camera roll. List with a fixed price or invite bids, the choice is yours.

Round The Clock

Now for the first time you can trade vehicles 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by letting the system negotiate on your behalf. Buyers can view your stock, negotiate a deal and buy your vehicles, even at 3am and all with a simple click of a mouse.


So you always know who you're dealing with, all transactions have feedback for both the buyer and seller. New contacts can become trusted ones almost instantly with the ability to view comments on all of their previous transactions.

Save Time and Money

  • Take the rigmarole out of stock procurement and open your eyes to 24/7 trading.
  • Buy multiple vehicles in minutes and at a time that suits.
  • Manage stock levels and cash flow easily by being more productive with your time.
  • Use Tradex as your own stock compound, show potential customers an array of vehicles and never miss another deal.
  • Sell overage stock and part exchanges quicker and easier than ever before with no time wasted.
  • Designed by industry professionals to give you all the features you need and none you don’t.
  • Unlimited buying, unlimited selling - and all with one low monthly subscription.

The future of the motor trade is here...this changes everything!

Apply now and become part of the UK's first multi franchise stock compound